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Moduleo: Not Your Usual Vinyl

October 17, 2013

Vinyl Flooring, What's New



Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tile is in a flooring idealism battle. Vinyl flooring has an unfairly imposed and outdated bad reputation. Even mentioning it to my friends has made me receive dirty looks and raised eyebrows. We all imagine the sad, tired vinyl of the 1970s and 1980s… pock marks, peeling edges, and various textures that would never pass as a reasonable facsimile for wood or tile, let alone decent flooring.

Yesterday’s vinyl flooring installation required messy glue and lots of it. It was difficult to properly care for and quickly looked worn and ragged.

Well, today’s vinyl showed up with a million-dollar makeover, and it’s looking quite sexy.

It’s hard to believe, but vinyl is not only looking good but also making hardwood, tile, and laminate stand up and take notice.

Of course, vinyl flooring is just like everything else. There is a definite range of quality, and one must be careful in selecting quality flooring that meets certain criteria.

There are several brands that offer modern, affordable luxury vinyl flooring, but our top pick for this month is Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring from IVC. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

Variety Show

Moduleo offers two looks—stone and wood—with seemingly endless color and texture options. As they offer more color options than most other flooring manufacturers, you can really hone in on your unique style.


Slipping Away

Moduleo is slip resistant even when wet. It’s quite a claim, backed by laboratory testing and lots of happy customers. Retail outlets are among the happiest of those customers, strategically utilizing Moduleo flooring to minimize slip and fall claims among their customers.

Quiet Victory

Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring is nearly soundproof thanks to its material composition. Without any additional underlayment, Moduleo Luxury Vinyl is whisper quiet. Beat that, tile, laminate, and hardwood!

Getting Laid

Installation is a breeze. Similar to laminate, Moduleo Luxury Vinyl consists of interlocking planks. Unlike other flooring, Moduleo offers floating vinyl, a glueless installation method that is faster than any other flooring installation with no preparation required. They also offer a more traditional application should you prefer to use adhesive methods.

Tough As Nails

Moduleo Vinyl Flooring is trusted by large retail outlets to withstand hundreds of visitors, employees, vendors, and carts each day. Their residential-grade flooring is made to withstand anything you can throw at it. Literally. Their commercial line is even tougher. If your home seems to take on more traffic than rush hour, Moduleo offers commercial lines to residential customers as well.

Climate Control

Moduleo’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a great source of insulation, helping to control your household climate and keep you more comfortable than most other flooring types.

A+ Rating For Indoor Air Quality

Moduleo’s vinyl received an A+ Indoor Air Quality rating, as determined by volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions testing and guaranteed by the ISO9001 standards classification. This means you and anyone in your space is protected from harmful emissions that may be present in flooring that is not manufactured to such a high standard.


Texture Eyes

Moduleo’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring is designed to look real, complete with a unique texture that is coated with Protectionite Polyurethane, ensuring durability on top of a beautifully designed floor. Fine mesh printing ensures beautiful patterns that look genuine to even the most discerning eye.

Guaranteed To Last

Moduleo’s vinyl product lines come with a 15-year warranty for residential applications and a 20-year warranty for commercial uses.

Priced To Please

Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring is definitely luxurious at a price you can afford. In most cases, you can get all of the benefits of luxury vinyl for less than the cost of hardwood or laminate. Click here to see the wondrous Moduleo lineup.

Green Certified (We know we said 10. But this is too important not to list!)

Moduleo has received awards for its Green initiatives in manufacturing and end product. The company’s luxury vinyl is composed of up to 50 percent recycled materials of verified origin and is recyclable upon removal. Moduleo’s production facility is located in Avelgem, Belgium. The plant adheres to strict environmental standards, which again is guaranteed by ISO9001 standards. is proud to be an authorized distributor of Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

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